Thursday, August 16, 2007

Seriously...a blog?

by K.J. Cardinal

I know, I know. Blogs can come across as coming from someone who’s self absorbed, someone who’s in search of friends or someone who should be “registered”, but I don’t intend to come across as any of those. I have dubbed this blog “The Cardinal Blog” because it’s going to be all about the Cardinal family, not all about me. With a new baby on the way, the cutest one-year old nephew (Andrew Carter George) you’ve ever seen, the best parents in the world, the coolest little sister that anyone could ever ask for and my efforts to start up a business (Pack Network) with my buddy Adam, I think there’s plenty of news surrounding the Cardinal family to warrant a blog.

With my wife, Angie, nearly seven and half months pregnant though, I figured this was the right time to join the cult of bloggers to help track the life of our soon-to-be born daughter, Anna. Angie’s due October 4, so this next month and a half should give me plenty of time to work the kinks out and get used to the notion of posting my random thoughts on a frequent basis. It’s like my training camp...or rather my blogging camp, so consider this the first day that pitchers and catchers report.

In the coming weeks I will send this link out to my family so they can spread the word about the blog as more important news, photos and videos get posted. Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you can come by often.

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