Sunday, November 18, 2007

Anna: Six weeks and counting...

By K.J. Cardinal

Anna turned six-weeks old on Friday and she keeps getting cuter and cuter and bigger and bigger by the day.

I can't believe that she's already six weeks old. It seems like six weeks has flown by, but it also seems like she's been in my life forever. I said to Angie the other day "I can't remember what it was like before having her." And, I really can't. It's hard to explain, but maybe this is how all parents feel.

At her doctor's appointment on Friday she had another weigh-in and she's up to 10 pounds 13.5 ounces. She's on the verge of drinking more than four ounces at a time, which should only help her sleep through the nights. She's currently sleeping at about three to four hour clips at a time, which is awesome

Anna also got three shots at her doctor's appointment. Daddy couldn't stomach the idea of seeing her hysterically crying, so I had to stay home. She didn't like the shots much, but according to Angie it wasn't as bad as we expected...but the aftermath was much worse.

Her legs were very sore and you couldn't easily hold her without putting pressure on her thighs...which was so painful for her...and even more painful for me to see her that way. Anna was completely miserable on Friday afternoon before we got her some infant Tylenol...and that seemed to do the trick. By last night she was back to her cute, lovable self and not fussing at all.

The highlight of Anna's doctor appointment though was that the doctor told Angie "You could have an athlete on your hands." The doctor put Anna on her tummy and Anna proceeded to lift her head up completely (almost propping herself up on her elbows) and then kicked with her legs to slide forward. This is very advanced, according to the doctor...and very cool, according to Dad.

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