Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Angie goes to Ireland, Blog goes to hell

By K.J. Cardinal

Last Sunday Intel came calling for Angie to go to Ireland for a week-long business trip and The Cardinal Blog took a nose dive.

Ang left on Sunday morning for Maynooth, Ireland to meet her counterparts from around the world. This meant that Sammy, Anna and I were left back in the States to fend for ourselves.

Everything went well on all accounts...except for the blog, which unfortunately took a backseat to diaper duty, house work, chef duties and more.

Sammy and I kept things afloat in Hudson, but we all missed "Mom" lots and Mom definitely missed us...particularly that little girl that garners so much attention on this blog. So, throughout the week Ang and I would talk on the phone and chat online, but the highlight for Angie was when we would set up a video feed for her to log on to see her baby.

Pack Network put all of its powers that be to work to provide a live streaming video & audio feed of Anna. She would come live to Ireland from our kitchen table. Just a simple set up really, but it was good for Ang to be able to get visual proof that Sammy and I hadn't burnt the house down or anything yet.

Anyway, that's my excuse for the long hiatus between blog posts. Angie returned on Saturday night and it's taken me a few days to get caught up on work to give me some free time to add a new post.

So, we're back and in action. Sorry for the delay!

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  1. Hip,Hip,Hooray,I'm so glad Angie made it home safe and sound and that my life of reading the blog and staying connected is back on track.It's been a long week and I've missed your sense of humor all week. I really appreciate you taken the time to keep us close to you and your families adventures. See you tomorrow, can't wait!
    Love you ,Mom