Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to School...

By Katie Cardinal

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been super busy with work, family, friends, and this new awesome thing I like to call my BOYFRIEND!!! I thought it'd be a good idea just to catch everyone up on my life and to tell you all that I miss you like crazy!

So, I have a new boyfriend (for those of you who don't know). His name is Norm and he's the sweetest, most adorable guy I've ever seen in my life. He actually works for KJ (yes, he passed the KJ test) and also works at Whole Foods in Boston(he's a health food nut - perfect!). Norm and I just got a cute little apartment in Newburyport while I'm still going to school at UNH. This was a BIG MOVE for Norm, considering he's about 55 minutes from work now, when he was only 10 minutes away living in Somerville. As you can tell, he's quite a charmer :) We've been really busy lately setting everything up and making some delicious dinners for each other (last night we had roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and stuffing). We're hoping that as we get settled maybe you guys can come up to visit. Newburyport is an adorable little town with lots of cool shops, bars, and tons of BOATS! We're one street away from where the Newburyport "strip" no driving is needed just to hang out and have fun. Obviously the summer time is the best time here because of all the boats, but we're pretty excited to see what it's like in the Fall/Winter. Oh, and did I mention I feel like I need to walk around with a sweater tied around my shoulders (Carlton style) because everyone's so wealthy here - EEK it's so fun!

Other than that I'm just getting ready for school, which starts on Monday. I'm taking a lot of cool classes this semester where I'll get to work out and cook lots of food, so I'm kind of looking foward to that.

I've been going to quite a few other concerts lately. I've been to two Keith Urban concerts since I've posted last, both of which I got to touch Keith AGAIN, and one of which I was FRONT ROW on the catwalk! I took Mom, Dad, and Norm to a Darius Rucker concert last Friday night at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom and boy did he knock our socks off. The concert was Dad's Father's Dad Present and I think I may have secured the top two daughter of the year position for my family. Tonight my friend, Sydney, and I are headed to Connecticut to see Luke Bryan and on Saturday we're off to New York to see Brad Paisley and Dierks Bentley. Lastly, on Sunday Vicky and I are off to Meadowbrook to see Luke Bryan and Big & Rich (Vicky has a meet & greet). I'm really excited for all these concerts, but definitely going to miss all the commotion when school starts back up on Monday. At least I have next summer to look foward to.

Sorry for the kind of lame post, just wanted to keep you all informed :)

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  1. I don't think it is a lame post at all. I am so happy that you are so happy again. You have no idea...
    I'm glad that music and concerts filled a very big void in your life just as it did Dad's so very many years ago. I think it was money well spent. Much better than on a shrink, drugs or alcohol.
    I wish you nothing but the BEST in life because you so deserve it.
    I love Newburyport and can't wait to go and visit you and Norm.
    I love you so much, Love Mom