Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Florida Trip -- Part II

By Tiffany George

Please scroll down if you missed "Part I" to our Florida trip :o)
Our Florida fun continues! Our other big adventure was to the Lion Country Safari. The first part of this expedition involved a safari that we could drive through in the van. It took about an hour and a half to make our way through the zebras, chimps, rhinos, and giraffes but the kids loved it! They loved the fact that they were allowed to get out of their car seats to peer out the windows!

Andrew and Natalie looking out the windows in Lauren's van. And we don't have a photo of our rental car, but it was the first time Natalie had ever ridden in a vehicle with a window that could go down beside her. She loved to feel the warm breeze and was baffled when it would stop at stop lights. She's say "it's not working"...cutie pants. Animals were in the road right in front of us. So cool!

Natalie enjoying some yummy cotton candy up on Daddy's shoulders. He had a new form of hair gel that day!
Andrew's animal feeding continued at the safari. First he fed those in water, and now those on land!
Look how happy he is as it eats right out of his hand!

Here we could feed the birds. We bought popsicle sticks dipped in what looked like honey and then bird seed. Andrew was so patient as he waited a good half an hour for one to jump onto his stick to feed.

Natalie didn't know what to think as a bird jumped on to her stick!

Here is Andrew mining for precious gems. We bought a bag of dirt that you put into this sifter. You dipped the sifter into the trough of water, then shook it to get rid of the dirt, leaving behind some colorful rocks. Andrew loved everything about it, and couldn't resist getting his hands in that water!

Our first trip on a ferris wheel, hot air balloon style.

The safari also had a mini water area. We were clearly the only tourists there, as the park was deserted. Here is Natalie showcasing her new bathing suit with her hula skirt hiked up to cover her belly! Natalie wouldn't dare run through the shooting water maze like Andrew did!

This is one of those water guns that you can aim and shoot around. Pete aimed it at Andrew and claimed that "Andrew told him to" shoot the water right into his face...and Pete managed the camera to get photographic proof.

Aside from the safari, the kids had the best time just being outdoors. They played on Wesley's swingset and in his sand and water table for hours. We also got to enjoy the playground and walking paths in their neighborhood.

More tree climbing!

And fun in their pool too! The kids loved it when I let them "water" me!

Natalie with her bud from the trip, Wesley's dog Ani.

Our trip was so much fun and we can't wait to do it again next year!

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  1. Love it! come again soon!
    The pool is now 86 degrees!