Sunday, December 19, 2010

Family Christmas Party 2010

By K.J. Cardinal

For the second-straight year Tiff and Pete graciously hosted both sides of our family at their house for a Christmas ripper on Saturday. It is absolutely one of my favorite days of the year, so thanks guys for throwing such a great bash once again.

Holiday festivities this year are going to be extra special for us as we now have "little" Leo to experience numerous "firsts" and Anna is at the absolute best age for Christmas.

The day was filled with food, laughs and presents, but my favorite part about both sides of our family is that it's always all about the kids. And boy did they steal the show... particularly Leo.

He has got to be the best natured baby I've ever been around. Everyone was playing "pass the baby" all day and pretty much every photo of him throughout the day shows him smiling away and enjoying himself... this is so evident in the photo of him and Auntie Carol... one of my favorite photos of all-time. I honestly don't know who's having more fun.

Anna got her fix of cousins and uncles on the day too, that's for sure. Like usual, Anna had a blast playing with Kaeleigh and Marisa, but also got some solid time in with Uncle Jim and Uncle Bill. One of the classic moments of the day was watching Anna parade Uncle Jim around the house, holding hands and playing... so cute. And the way she says "Uncle Bill" is simply priceless.

Anyway, the holiday season has officially begun for our family and we can't wait for next weekend's festivities in Ludlow and back at Tiff and Pete's again on Christmas day.

On a side note: How gorgeous are these two?

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  1. This was one of the best Christmas parties ever. It was great to get together with the Denton clan as well, as we are really all one family(thanks a million Tiffany and Pete). We had a great time. Merry Christmas to everyone.
    Love, Auntie Carol