Friday, July 29, 2011

5th Anniversary of the Best Party Ever

By K.J. Cardinal

Five years ago today, Angie and I threw the best party I've ever been to... also known as our wedding.

Nearly 300 guests. The best DJ around. Amazing food. A bouncy house. Eight kegs. I could go on and on and on.

But, there were really two things that made the day so special.

1) the people involved...

300 of our closest family and friends. My dad as Best Man. Sammy as the Maid of Honor. Vicky as Justice of the Peace. Heather on the flute. Readings by our sisters. Jimmy and Corey as DJs. Mandy's cake. Candy's flowers. Carl & Lynda's house. Muddah and Papa John. The food crew. The clean-up crew.

2) the little moments that I will never forget...

My dad's cherry toast. Wearing the cake, not eating it. The mother-son dance. JuJu eating corn. Carl on the golf cart with the kids. Grampa dancing. Uncles tending bar. The downpour. The sombreros. Shoeless Polgreen. Fusta the bride. Keg stands.

And, I'm sure I'm missing some key people and events.

Nonetheless, day one of our marriage set the bar extremely high, but the past five years have not disappointed for one second.

Our wedding day actually foreshadowed what the next five years would be all about: family, friends and fun. Those are the three things that we wanted to make our wedding all about and it's also what we've tried to make every day as husband and wife about.

The past five years have been hectic and full of significant life changes and milestones for us, both personally and professionally, but we couldn't be happier with where the journey has led us. And, I'm very proud of the family we have started, the relationship we've maintained and the direction that we're headed.

With three healthy and wonderful kids, families that we love dearly and friends that we couldn't live without, we feel like the luckiest people in the world.

I love you, Ang. Here's to not changing the locks on me for a few more years. Cheers!


  1. Enjoy every moment of your married life - it only gets better. Love you both, Auntie Carol

  2. Happy Anniversary, Its hard to believe that 5 years have already pasted but "time flies when you're having fun". I'm so glad you "get" the most important things in life!!! Here's to many, many more years of love and happiness. Love, Mom