Sunday, April 1, 2012

Anna rides... and falls

By K.J. Cardinal

We got Anna a new bike this week and after just one ride around the block with me walking next to her, Anna clearly had the hang of it. Yeah, her training wheels are still on, but just the fact that she could navigate herself and slow down or stop when necessary was a big step.

So, I did what every good father would do... I strapped my GoPro camera onto her bike, hopped on my bike and followed her around the neighborhood.

She only had one spill, which, of course, the GoPro just happened to capture. It was accidental genius.

Before you say it, don't worry... I'm not going to put my kids in harms way to get good footage... but if it just happens while I'm rolling, you can bet your ass I'm gonna post it :) Enjoy...

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