Monday, October 8, 2007

Alas, a beer and a bath

By K.J. Cardinal

Day four of Anna's life was highlighted by two momentus occasions
1) Angie's first beer in nine months
2) Anna's first bath

While Anna's bath was fun (I'll get to that in a second), I loved to see the joy that Angie got out of sucking down a nice cool one...once again reaffirming why I married that girl. Her first beer was a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. For those of you health nuts out there, don't worry, the beer was made with the "purest ingredients" (at least that's what the label said) and, of course, Ang waited over three hours before breastfeeding Anna again.

Earlier in the day, it was all hands on deck for Anna's bath. Ang started with the sponge bath of her body and then Sammy and I came in to close it out by washing her hair together. Anna seemed to dislike the sponge bath because it made her cold, but loved having her hair washed.

Anna met some more of her family today for the first time as her Tio (Uncle) Corey, Tia (Aunt) Lisette and cousins Jaden and Kassie came by along with Lil' Lisa (Corey's girlfriend) and Vo (Grammy) Nezzie. She also met my friend Scott and once again saw Angie's MVF (most valuable friend) Missy, who once again came to the rescue...this time by going to the grocery store for us. Thanks for everything Miss!


  1. I have to publicly appologize to Kim for not waiting to share my first beer with him. You have to admit that waiting 8 days is a little much to ask, though! I'll save my first sip of Bud for Saturday...

  2. mmmm.....beeeer.... =)

    I added a link to here on my blog....