Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Anna's first Christmas tree

By K.J. Cardinal

Keeping with the Cardinal family tradition that my parents started, Angie, Sammy, Anna and I went and got our Christmas tree on Papa's birthday.

We purchased our tree at a place in town that has them pre-cut, so it's not quite the same as cutting down a tree in the backyard that Papa had actually planted himself, but regardless it's a family tradition that I will continue for the rest of my life.

The tree we got is pretty good-sized (as you can see in the photo behind the girls). If you've been to our house, then you're probably wondering "where on earth are you going to put that in your house?" Well, we're not actually putting it in our house. We've put it on our back deck, right outside the sliding-glass doors.

I know this isn't the traditional thing to do with a Christmas tree, but with all the new baby-gear downstairs and two upcoming holiday gatherings at our house, it was really the only thing we could do. And, now having seen the tree on the back deck, I think that we could be doing this for many years to come.

You get the effect of the lights and the Christmas spirit without having to:
- pick needles out of your socks for two weeks
- find tinsel all over the house
- worry about watering the tree every day
- reconfigure the layout of a room in your house to accommodate the tree

Really, it's quite brilliant. Hopefully someday we'll have a house big enough to put a big tree in the livingroom to put all the presents under, but for now we'll stick with what's important and that's remembering Papa on this day and officially beginning the Christmas season. Happy Holidays!

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