Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Husky is born

By K.J. Cardinal

She doesn't know it yet, but today was a big day for Anna.
She attended her first of MANY Northeastern sporting events, a men's basketball game versus James Madison at Matthews Arena.

The Huskies came up just short, losing 68-65, but I still began planting the seed of (hopefully) raising a future Husky. I know the thought of sending my eight-week old daughter off to college is a little premature, but I just really hope she ends up being a fan of Northeastern athletics.

For those of you who don't know, Northeastern athletics is an underfunded, underdog program that always has to over achieve greatly in order to be successful. I think those traits are really part of the reason why I love NU athletics so much...and part of the reason why I hope Anna does as well. I also think that the "tale" of Husky athletics can help teach a kid great lessons...hard work and perseverance can pay off.

Since I was accepted into Northeastern's journalism program nearly 10 years ago (god, I'm getting old), the academics at NU have kicked it up a notch. If I was a senior in high school right now, I'd have a hard time getting into Northeastern...seriously, it's that much tougher. I'm not saying it's Ivy-League caliber, but NU's now in the top 100 academically and getting better every year.

So, if Anna happened to want to go to NU and was fortunate enough to get accepted in 17 years then she would be a second generation Husky, which would be awesome. Either way, hopefully today a future Husky (fan or alum) was born. Now I just have to figure out how on earth I'm going to let my baby live in Boston...YIKES!

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  1. Now you are starting to understand what "overly protective " means.The thought of you and Tiffany going to Boston to college was really scary for us but you did fine, with the exception of a few too many parking tickets and a few calls to "Mom" at 2 o'clock am.
    I think the REALLY scary thing will be how much it will cost to send her there!. Love Mom