Sunday, January 25, 2009

A sick week

By K.J. Cardinal

Well, it's been a sick week in the Cardinal house, thus the lack of posts to the blog (sorry Meme).

Last Sunday, Anna came down with the flu of sorts, I had flu symptoms for a few days and now a very sore throat. And, the kicker of it all came on Thursday when we brought Anna to the doctors to learn that she also had double ear infections.

So, Anna's on the first prescription drug of her life (amoxicillin), which is actually pretty impressive, according to the doctor, since Anna's almost 16 months old.

I'd be lying if I didn't say it was the most difficult week thus far for taking care of Anna. With her sick, she obviously couldn't go to daycare and where I was sick with several work deadlines looming, it made for a rough week all around.

One good thing that happened on the week was that Anna became much more comfortable with her couch that we bought her first Christmas (above). As you can see, she actually fell asleep on it one day.

Anyway, Anna's meds are working rather nicely...her nose is still running uncontrollably and she coughs a lot. And, I am starting to feel better too (my throat is still bugging me).

The timing of us feeling better is impeccable as today we take Anna to her first Celtics game! It's a BIG, BIG day because not only are we going to the Celts, but because the Celtics are playing the Dallas Mavericks and Jose Juan Barea.

JJB was the stud on Northeastern while I was men's basketball SID back in college. I'm hoping to get in the Garden early enough before the game that we can go down to say hi and possibly get a photo op.

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