Tuesday, January 6, 2009

He's baaaaaaaaaaack

By Katie Cardinal

Howdy Ya'll. Long time no talk...

I figured I'd write a quick post to update ya'll on the Cardinal Family ongoings...

As you know we were all on our Holiday Break for the past few weeks, and boy wasn't it great!!! We got to spend some time with the people we love the most and actually got to RELAX for once in our lives. We had a FANTASTIC Christmas at Tiffany and Pete's this year. Andrew was absolutely adorable opening presents, as he knew all the yellow ones were his and consistently said, "Santa got this" after EVERY present he got from the big 'ol jolly guy. By late morning of Christmas day we had the ENTIRE Cardinal Clan together - Mom, Dad, Tiffany, Pete, Andrew, Natalie, KJ, Angie, Anna, and myself. Unfortunately Sammy wasn't able to make it this year...but hopefully next year!

I'm not sure how many of you know, but I got a Wii this year for Christmas!!! Though I can't seem to beat Mom at Bowling, or Mike Gilmore at boxing, it is so much fun to play. KJ and Angie got me the Guitar Hero game to go with it so I can rock out :) ... I only wish they had a country version so I'd know all the songs!

Anywho...we had our Family Christmas party last Friday at our house. We ended up having BOTH families together for the party, which made it really fun. We did the usual Yankee Swap and Vicky and I had a FANTASTIC spitting marshmallow fight!

On Sunday we had a surprise 30th birthday party for Tiffany!!! With how smart she is I cannot believe we actually pulled a SURPRISE party off for her. Fortunately she is quite the shopper when it comes to the 90% off Christmas stuff at Target, so it was no pressure setting up the house while she was out shopping 'til she dropped. It was so cute seeing her face come in the door like "OH MY LORD HOW'D YOU PULL THIS OFF?" It was fun just to have our close family and her very close friends together to celebrate the one person who, lets be honest, keeps us all together. There's no doubt that Tiffany is the best sister anyone could EVER have, and it was great just to see her so happy on her birthday. She's been my inspiration, my joy, and my heart since I was born..and I just love her with all of my heart!

Last night we had dinner with all of the help from Coe Brown. We ate at the Granite Steak and Grill and boy was it DELICIOUS!!!! It was great to spend a little time with all the help before we had to get back into the swing of things, but none the less, school has started back up. UNH doesn't start back up until the 20th, so at least I still have 2 weeks to enjoy myself!

And finally, probably the most exciting news in my life right now... HEEEEE'SSS BAAAAACCCKKKKK. That's right, last night after arriving home from the movies (I saw Benjamin Buttons and it was AMAZING!) I went onto KeithUrban.net to find that they posted the cities he will be playing when he goes back on tour in May. Needless to say there are LOTS that I'm interested in going to...including BOSTON, Uncasville, CT, NYC, Albany, Rochester, NY, Hershey, PA, and many many more. If ANYONE is interested in going to the best concert they'll ever see in their entire life, please let me know. I'm not going to lie...I'm not going to go to a concert unless I have floor seats...so they're a little pricey, but it'll be the best money ever spent!!!

I love you all...I can't wait to hear about KJ's trip from Hawaii when he gets back :)


  1. the good things in life: family, spitting marshmallow fights, and keith urban...how can you go wrong!? :)Vicky

  2. as a side note, i totally spaced it was Tiffany's 30th birthday, perhaps in part to the "did you know" saying it was her 29th...