Sunday, December 28, 2008


By K.J. Cardinal

At 8:04 p.m. local time (1:04 a.m. EST), I touched down in Honolu...I'm finally here!

Not too much to report just yet as I am currently in a cab on my way to the house. But, in a welcomed twist of fate, my suitcase was the first bag to come out on the carousel, which was awesome. I've done my fair share of traveling, but never once has this happened to me.

Anyway, this post is really just to let people (READ: my mom) know that I am alive and well. So far I've been able to live up to the theme of this Surf with Murph trip, which Adam came up with, and that's "Stay Alive!"

I'll post more when I can. Aloha!


  1. Hip,hip,hooray,Thanks so much for letting me know you got there safe and sound:) Have a super, duper time but please be safe...
    Love Mom

  2. Give my regards to the President-Elect! Take in some rays for me! Have a great time, I'll be checking in to the site about every 10 minutes, as I'm just a little bit jealous.

    Signed, jealous Steve

  3. Aloha! Try to post a photo of you in your grass skirt and coconut bra asap. Thanks!