Friday, February 20, 2009

Andrew is my Valentine...he looks just like Frankenstein

By Tiffany George

That title is written in typical Kim fashion.

It’s impossible to believe that over a month has gone by since I posted about Natalie turning 9 months. Though life does pass by very quickly here, we try to take time to appreciate what we have every day. The other night as Pete and I were going to bed we were talking about our cuties as we often do, and I was saying that Andrew started saying “right now”, and that I felt bad for teaching him that. Then I was struck by a fit of laughter, as I said that I wonder what he thinks “right now” means. He gets about the same response out of me when he says it as I do out of him when I say it! I also figure that I probably have him quite baffled as to what “two more minutes” means as well.

That being said, life with a 2 ½ year old can certainly be trying at times. Andrew has learned that he doesn’t have to do what I say…what a bummer! :o) And he likes to test his limits just to be sure that he still can’t spill his milk all over the floor today like he did yesterday. But having a toddler is also so much more than that. It’s him being content to just use his new scissors to cut paper into scraps or “sprinkles” for a good hour; it's being so proud to count to 10 without skipping 5,6, & 7; it’s him using the play kitchen to serve Pete and I a pretend dinner (usually pizza), day in and day out; it’s going in at night to admire that sweet angelic sleeping face that just hours earlier said “I love you undernee the moon”; it’s him getting excited over the chance to give Natalie a piece of his banana, or a piece of cheese folded just right; it’s trying to keep a straight face when he tells us that his penis has a circle and that it is “so long”; it’s discovering that this is only the beginning of difficult questions, such as asking me what I meant when I said a friend’s water broke; it’s being patient when I am asked for the umpteenth time “Momma what you do-tin?”; it's getting excited about putting the sticker from the fruit on the globe from its country of origin every time; it’s cherishing hugs and kisses, especially the chocolately ones; it’s savoring this time when he asks me if he can help me clean, knowing these days will be gone before I know it; it’s being careful what I say because little ears are always looking for ideas of new things to do; it’s taking a deep breath when I’m woken up by him yelling that his entire bureau drawer fell to the floor, and being relieved that his precious little body was unharmed; it’s being patient while he fits that one puzzle piece in just right; it’s seeing the world through the eyes of someone who gets excited over cleaning knobs to make them shiny; it's being proud that he can put his own pants and underpants on, even if they are often backwards; it’s seeing him as a brother who honestly does not want Natalie to get hurt by playing with a toy too small for her; it’s thanking him for the plastic flowers that he repeatedly puts in a cup of water for me to put on the window sill; but most of all, it’s just about a love that I never thought could be possible. Having children is the best gift anyone could ever ask for.


  1. This is so wonderfully put. My wish in life now, is that my children get to have grandchildren so that they can experience the love that comes full circle. It is soooooo rewarding seeing all the hard and sometimes very trying work we put into our children come to "life".
    It was so nice seeing my own children become wonderful, well rounded adults but now to see them use MANY of the "lessons in life" we taught them being applied to our grandchildren is a feeling beyond words. I am truly blessed!

    I love you all, Love Mom

  2. Ditto what your Mom said!! Now we know where KJ gets his excellent writing from! But I will add that it warms my heart to know that you truly appreciate your little ones and how lucky you are to be able to take care of them full time! It is the hardest job that anyone can do but the most rewarding! And you are doing a fantastic job!!
    Love and admire you!!