Monday, May 4, 2009

Anna, NU and Cy

By K.J. Cardinal

I had to run into the city today to pick up some work equipment and since it's Monday that meant that Anna made the adventure with me.

We cruised into Boston, parked over on Columbus Ave. and then walked over to Cabot Gym on the Northeastern campus.

Anna didn't really know quite what to make of it all. She was Little Miss Friendly, saying "Hi" to everyone that we passed, which was pretty funny to watch people's reactions.

After I snagged the equipment, Anna enjoyed a snack on a bench and then had another run in with a Boston sports legend... Cy Young.

The Cy Young statue sits on home plate of the old Huntington Grounds. Anna didn't seem to like Cy as much as she liked Red, but she did think he had an interesting nose.

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