Sunday, May 3, 2009

One of the girls

By K.J. Cardinal

When I arrived at Jamie and Mike's house on Saturday night, it was obvious that Anna was fitting in as just one of the girls.

Jamie (pictured right) had a two-day baby shower extravaganza at her house in Oakham, which reunited Ang with all of her bestest friends, and Anna was living the life as the only kid in attendance.

Whether getting books read to her by Jamie and Courtney or devouring a cupcake with Jen, Anna was clearly getting spoiled. Throw in an exercise bike that she could "ride" and a cat named Porter and it was like heaven on earth for her.

Anna is such an animal lover and she would follow Porter around, practically stalking him. Her love affair with animals went to a new level this morning, however, when she was seen munching on some cat food.

I know it's not the most sanitary thing for her to do, but I just thought it was hilarious. She actually got upset when we told her she couldn't eat it... classic.

Last night after Anna went to bed, the big kids went to town on Rock Band. I clearly had some rock aggression to let out after a very busy week of work as I did everything from sing to play guitar and drums. We were all living the rock star life too as we all had WAAAAYYY too much to drink... well, all of us except the prego.

Good times all around and the only "baby shower" related event that I've ever been to when I can truly say I had a great time. Now, pop that kid out already Jamie so we can set him up with Anna.


  1. Awww...I'm glad you had fun! Anna definitely fits in with anyone and everyone. She's a little gem :)


  2. I LOVE the picture of Anna on the exercise bike.She is just a living doll and I bet she had a BLAST with the girls. I miss you and love you all Bunches. Love Mom