Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pack Network dominates two-year-old girl demographic

By K.J. Cardinal

Not sure this is something to boast about or not, but the latest Pack Network-produced video spot has proven to be a HUGE hit with the two-year-old girl demographic.

I completed this video for America East earlier tonight and when Anna got home I just happened to play it at the kitchen table while she was eating dinner... and, she LOVED it.

She would freak out and dance while it was on and then ask "Again? Again? Again?" when it would stop. So, I did what any normal person would do and I captured her reaction through the iSight camera on my MacBook while she watched.

To get the full feel for what I'm talking about, watch the America East commercial first...


... and, then watch Anna's reaction. It's priceless.


As an aside, after emailing the commercial to my friend at America East for approval, I also sent him the video of Anna. He loved it... but proceeded to accidentally send the video along to some colleagues instead of the real video. Ooops, but he said that Anna now has a few more fans :)

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