Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Coming soon: LIVE and mobile video streaming

By K.J. Cardinal

Wow. This is going to be revolutionizing.

I just downloaded ustream's latest free app that allows you to video stream LIVE right from your iPhone. I am testing it out as I type this and once I have it all figured out, you can bet that I will be taking advantage of this ridiculous service.

Use of this will most likely be completely random. I am setting it up so a tweet goes out through my twitter account (#kjcardinal), which automatically posts in the side bar on the right of this blog. So, when you log on to TheCardinalBlog, be sure to check out my tweets, because who knows, I might be video streaming LIVE right then.

I know that Anna will get her fair share of face time on this live video, but I would also surmise that I will be using this app to stream some shenanigans, concerts, sporting events, etc... so it will really have something for everyone :)

Every tweet will feature a link to the live feed, but just in the event you want to bookmark it or make it your home page, here's the ustream page for TheCardinalBlog.

Enjoy! I'm sure you will.

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