Sunday, October 7, 2007

Welcome home Anna

By K.J. Cardinal

After spending 54 straight hours at the hospital, it was a real treat for Angie, Sammy and I to finally bring Anna home. The experience at Framingham Union Hospital was great for all of us, and I have a new found respect for nurses, but there's really nothing like being able to enjoy the company of the people you love the most within the confines of your own home.

When we got home, the four of us spent some quality time up in Anna's room...and after about 30 seconds it was apparent that Anna is going to be the luckiest little sister in the world. Sammy was "Johnny on the spot" as she helped us get things squared away in Anna's room. Sammy then helped with the feeding process and then put her to sleep. Anna took to her like she was her own mother, which makes sense because I think Sammy will quickly turn into a mother-like figure for Anna too.

After we were all settled in, Ang finally had an opportunity to take a long-deserved nap with her new little girl. The picture above is worth a thousand words to me, but "lucky" probably best describes how I'm feeling these days. I know I've only been a dad for 48 hours, but I already feel like it's given me a new perspective on things. For instance, I didn't mind at all that I missed nearly all the Patriots game and over half of a Red Sox playoff game or that Anna's length at birth (20.5) may eclipse the number of points my fantasy football team scores this week. Those things just don't seem to matter that much right now.


  1. KJ, Angie, Sammy, and Anna-

    thank you so much for the blog. it is so well put together and really gives people the scoop.

    congratulations on your new bundle of joy. with 10 being my personal favorite number october happens to be my favorite month! she could not be a luckier child. she is so blessed to be coming into such a loving family on both sides.

    i can't wait til she meets her new baby cousin in april!

    go sox! sorry, i couldn't resist.

    love you guys!!!!!!
    jenny and rob

  2. Just had to view the blog again and love the newest video and journal entry!! It is such a lovely reminder of the happy days when our kiddos were born. It is so nice to be able to chronicle these precious moments!!

  3. Congratulations! I can't wait to meet Anna in person! Pete told me about your blog this weekend - I can't believe I've been missing out on it for so long! You seem like two proud parents and one proud sister! Enjoy it!


  4. Thank you so much for the website full of your family. It made ole' Auntie Heather tear up at work this morning. Congrats to all of you for a job well done. Anna is BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to meet her in person. Love to all.

    Welcome Anna from the entire Arlin Family!

    God Bless You!-Auntie Heather