Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our neighbors, the Griswolds

By K.J. Cardinal

That's it, I'm convinced. I'm convinced that our neighbors on the corner of Gerry Drive & Laurel Drive are The Griswolds. I can't wait for Cousin Eddie to roll into town with his trashy motor home to visit our neighbor, Clark W. Griswold.

OK, that probably only makes sense to you if you've seen the movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, which I'll assume you have. (If not, it's a must for the holiday season). Anyway, take a look at the photo of their house I took. They have more Christmas lights on their house than I've ever seen. Seriously, it's insane. Believe it or not, the picture actually doesn't do it justice at all.

As if the lights ON the house weren't enough, they have lights on trees in their yard, a detached shed in their back yard and all four sides of the house. Plus, they have all of those "extra" lights like a Noel sign, reindeer, Santa Claus, Polar Bears...I could go on and on and on.

Don't get me wrong, I think Christmas lights are a cool a point. But, there's absolutely no need at all for a spectacle like this. They don't annoy me because it's a waste of electricity or because I'm a bah humbug about the holiday spirit, but they definitely annoy me. Well, I'll get off my holiday lights soap box for now...hopefully you can come by in the next month or so to witness this spectacle though. It's really unbelievable.


  1. I think over kill comes to mind. I wish I had the time they must of had to put up such a display. I think it looked good last year but this year it has become too much. I certainly have a respect for them seeing I know how long it took Dad to put lights on our "Gingerbread House" each year!
    Love you guys, Love Mom

  2. No respect for them...I found out that they hire people to put up most of the lights on the house. Weak!

  3. This house doesn't compare to the house that was a few streets away from Auntie Sheila when she lived in Florida. They must be related.
    Love, Auntie Carol