Thursday, February 28, 2008

Anna eats fruit, Dad's an idiot and more...

By K.J. Cardinal

Another milestone in the trials and tribulations of Anna's eating habits...this week she had fruit.

She's a huge fan of peaches, but we've also fed her pears and apples. I know this may be obvious for some of you, but let me explain what exactly this means for those of you who may be clueless on this topic (like I was a few months ago).

So eating fruit isn't quite what you would expect...we're not handing Anna an apple and she's diving in. Instead, Angie has pureed pears, peaches and apples and put them into ice cube trays to freeze. This way they are in small easy-to-use servings that last a long time. Angie got the idea from my sister, Tiffany, who did this for Andrew, and it works thanks Tiff!

We usually mix a few different cubes of fruit up in a bowl, defrost them and then add a little cereal to thicken it up. She gobbles it right up. When she eats peaches, you really can't shovel it in fast enough. The minute she's swallowed the bite you just fed her, she starts to grunt, looking for more.

One thing that Angie pointed out the other day that is absolutely true is that I look like an idiot while feeding her. I didn't realize I was doing it until Angie mentioned it, but I make weird faces when I'm feeding Anna. It's like I'm trying to mimic with my mouth the motions that she should be making with hers.

I have never seen myself do this, but right when Angie called me out on it, I knew what she meant. The only thing that I think I can equate it to is the look on a drummer's face. Have you ever noticed that drummer's nearly always have a stupid look on their face and make weird expressions with their mouths? It's hard to explain unless you've seen it, but watch Conan O'Brien sometime and watch Max Weinberg on the drums and you'll see what I mean.

A few other things to mention since I haven't posted all week...
- Anna's learning how to "cluck." She just started doing it on her own and hasn't mastered it yet, but she will soon enough.
- Sammy's recovering nicely. She's sick of not being able to eat her normal foods, but other than that all's well.
- Saturday's my 28th birthday and I'll get to spend it with the my family up in Farmington, so it should be a I'll be able to see Andrew!



    Hi KJ,
    Hope you have a fabulous birthday.
    Jenny and Rob

  2. We were thinking of you yesterday! Hope you had a nice visit with everyone!!
    Peter and Gail