Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Cardinal Vault XV: Red & a Hulkamaniac

By K.J. Cardinal

The Cardinal Vault returns for its 15th installment with these two photos that take us back to the Spring of 1988.

Below, I am pictured at the Red Auerbach statue located near Faneuil Hall in Boston.

Being the godfather of the Boston Celtics, getting my picture taken with Red was really something special for me. I also think that it actually helped spark my love affair with the city of Boston.

My favorite part of this photo actually has nothing to do with the Celtics, but rather the headband around my neck. That is nothing other than a "Hulkamania" headband.

I remember vividly that we were in the city for the weekend for a big WWF event, so I had to don the colors of one of my childhood heroes, Hulk Hogan. Seriously when I was eight years old my heroes were Larry Bird, Robert Parrish, Roger Clemens and Hulk Hogan...not necessarily in that order, but probably par for the course of most eight-year-olds living in New England.

As a special gift to all that read my blog, below is a free ticket to the gun show.

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  1. Thanks for the gun show... bb was that?