Friday, May 30, 2008

The Cardinal Vault XVI: Lovebirds

By K.J. Cardinal

The 16th entry into the Cardinal Vault commemorates my parent's 27th wedding anniversary, which is today. Happy Anniversary!

Pictured below, the two lovebirds are nuzzling at what I believe is Grand View Camping Area in Rochester, N.H. My Meme and Grandpa (my mom's parents) camped at Grand View during my childhood and since that's their camper, I can only surmise it's there.

In unrelated news, when I was in high school I got banned for life from Grand View...becoming the third family member to get the heave-ho for life. My Uncle Doug and cousin Jeff also got the boot at one time...but I digress.

My absolute favorite thing about this photo has to be my Dad's shorts. I believe the correct term for those, which is also a Kimism, is "nuthuggers." I am also digging the white on white by Kim the elder...what a pimp.

Seriously though, Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad. You guys are the best parents, friends and grandparents that I could ever ask for. Thanks for being you!


  1. Thanks so much KJ. I just have to laugh and cry at all of your entries. This brings back alot of memories. The best thing about our 27th anniversary is that I think we love each other even more than we did 27 years ago! I can only hope that all my children get to experience 27 years of a happy, loving married life :) Thanks for remembering our special day, Love Mom

  2. Might I add to this entry..that I too am banned from Grand View Campground. That makes four --- assholes!