Thursday, June 19, 2008

Anna hits the big time, featured on

By K.J. Cardinal

As if I wasn't already the proudest father in the world, Anna's latest antics have me through the roof.

Last week I submitted a photo of Anna with the Red Auerbach statue to's "Celtic Fan Photos" and I just happened to check back tonight to see that she made the cut!

She is currently photo 74 out of 98 [click here for the actual gallery]. So, it's not like she was the "chosen one" or anything, but it's still awesome to she her cute face on the state's top website.

What's also pretty funny is that my buddy Ben's niece (Katie) is also featured in the photo gallery too (she is #61). Her dad, Andy, is probably the biggest Boston sports fan I have ever met, so it's no surprise that he submitted a photo too.

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