Thursday, June 12, 2008

Anna's key to Game 4

By K.J. Cardinal

Anna has been busy breaking down film since the Celtics' Tuesday night Game 3 loss to the Lakers and her key to tonight's game is D.

"D" doesn't only mean defense, even though she recognizes that defense wins championships, but D also stands for depth.

With Pierce's knee still a little sore, Perk's ankle a mess and Rondo a game-time decision (ankle), the Celtics' depth tonight could be huge.

I know I have been ultra-critical of Doc all season long, knocking his annoying 12-man rotation, but that could actually bail the Celts out as they try to fight through these bumps in the road.

By saying that, however, I don't mean that Cassell should ever see the floor. Rather, I think that guys like Eddie House, PJ Brown and Leon Powe need to step up tonight.

Pierce and KG aren't going to play as poorly as they did in Game 3 and Ray Ray has gone from dog house to penthouse as he's been the only consistent player in the Finals. So, I expect big things from the Big 3.

If the Celts can succeed in Anna's "D" keys tonight, Defense and Depth, then it could mean Disaster for the Lakers. BEAT LA! BEAT LA! BEAT LA!

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  1. This is such a cute picture of Anna and such a great entry of journalism on your part. I'm so glad that Anna is enjoying the playoffs so much! Enjoy tonights game and Beat LA, Beat LA, Beat LA!
    I love you guys, Love Mom