Tuesday, June 10, 2008

When blogs collide

By K.J. Cardinal

With the rivalry of all rivalries taking place on the West Coast tonight in Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Celtics and Lakers, two titans of the blogosphere met in Natick on Tuesday morning in a match-up for the ages as well.

The Cardinal Blog duo of myself and Anna had a "play date" with the CricketSam.com "Big 3" of daddy Steve and three-year-old twins Cricket and Samantha.

No, Cricket and Samantha didn't treat Anna to a Kevin McHale on Kurt Rambis clothesline or anything, actually the trio of hit it off admirably. It was more reminiscent of Larry Bird Night when Magic took to the stage donning a Celtics T-shirt under his Laker warm-ups. Joyful admiration all around.

Anyway, Cricket and Sam were gracious enough to share their toys with Anna and Anna was foaming at the mouth with jealousy as the girls chased each other around the house. Just like at Meme & Papa's house, Anna also took kindly to the ceiling fans...definitely a big hit.

After playing at the house for more than an hour, the "play date" changed venues as we headed to Boloco in Natick for a quick lunch. Anna isn't quite ready for a burrito just yet, so she opted for the tasty Enfamil Lipil with Iron.

Despite the sweltering heat, it was great to finally meet the Lemon twins. Steve's parenting tactics of beating his kids incessantly is an interesting one, but it appears to be working fantastically as the girls have impeccable manners and give great hugs.

It was the first of many hopeful play dates in the future, so let's just hope the blogging world can handle the impact of such momentous occasions.

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