Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Anna's first fudgeicle

By K.J. Cardinal

Yesterday Anna enjoyed her first fudgeicle. And, enjoy is probably understating the event by a long shot.

After eating a good dinner, we set Anna up with her very own fudgeicle and sat back to enjoy the scene.

As you will see, she started off very nicely. I was actually surprised and a little disappointed that she didn't make more of a mess than she did.

But when the delicious chocolate treat was all gone, Anna was none too happy.


  1. Your Papa would love this entry, KJ.He always made sure he had fudgicles incase Katie would want one. It was so good seeing you, Angie and Anna this weekend. Anna is growing so fast and she is such a cutie. Thanks for the update I know you are so busy right now so thanks for keeping us posted.
    Love Mom

  2. Oh My Goodness - it looks like Anna likes fudgicles as much as her Aunt Kate :) Thata girl!!! It was great getting to see you guys last weekend. Hopefully We'll be seeing you guys again soon - you're just the cutest darn family ever...right along side with Tiffany, Pete, Andrew, and Natalie, of course :o)