Friday, October 17, 2008


By K.J. Cardinal

I'd be lying if I wasn't VERY concerned about the Sox chances last night as they trailed 7-0 heading into the bottom half of the seventh inning...but I was hopeful.

The Sox bats couldn't get any colder, so I was praying that they'd somehow find a way to string a few hits together and that they did. Definitely the best baseball game I've ever been to.

Nothing makes a REAL Red Sox fan happier then to see the self-proclaimed "Fenway Faithful" leave the game early, giving up on their team, only to see the Sox pull off the largest postseason comeback in an elimination game EVER. What a rewarding night.

I'd also be lying if I said I didn't feel like I personally played a key role in the Sox victory.

My buddy Scott scored two HALF PRICE tickets (that shows you the state of Red Sox Nation) in Section 30, so we were amped up to have the opportunity to go to the game...especially for only $50.

After the top half of the seventh, Scott and I ran downstairs to grab our last two beers of the night. While we were down there, the Sox rally began. We were faced with the ultimate we stay under the grandstands so we don't jinx the comeback, or do we risk it and head back out. We opted to keep karma on our side and waited until the end of the 7th to return to the action.

With many "fans" having hit the exits early, we decided to slide into a few box seats down in left field. It was awesome.

When Dan Wheeler came out to pitch for the Rays in the home-half of the sixth, we were on him...BIG TIME. We started the classic "Wheeler, Wheeler, Wheeler" chant. When I say "we started it", I mean that people all around us were looking at us and laughing, but we weren't giving up. We believed!

As the eighth inning played out, it was apparent that we were in Wheeler's head. By the time J.D. Drew launched a two-run homer deep into the right field seats, the entire park had joined us in the Wheeler chant. It was priceless.

I don't really have a voice this morning, but it was all worth it. This Game 5 brings back memories of the Sox epic Game 5 victory back in 2004 when Dave Roberts stole second to change the complexion of the series. Let's hope history repeats itself the rest of the way too. BELIEVE!

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  1. KJ,
    I was listening to the game on the radio and when Ortiz hit that homer I knew that the magic was in the air. I fell asleep thinking that there was a very real possibility that they were going to win that game. Too bad major league baseball has to start games at 8:30. Im' writing a letter to Bud that pregnant diehard fans who want to watch the games physically can't....and there is no reason for it.
    Ok, enough of my spouting. I"m glad that you were able to be there for that moment.