Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Miss Chatterbox

By K.J. Cardinal

Not even 15-months-old yet and Anna has already turned into Little Miss Chatterbox.

Anna has been vocal for months and months now, but over the last month-plus she has actually developed her little own vocabulary. There are probably only a handful of words that a stranger could decipher, but if you spend enough time with Anna, you'll quickly be able to speak her language.

I'm not really sure what her first word was, but the first word that she consistently says and knows exactly what it means has to be "ice". As depicted in the "Mmmm Ice" video, Anna clearly loves ice, so whenever she sees me taking a sip of a drink in a glass, whether there's ice in it or not, she'll say "I...I...I...I...I". Again, not the full word, but it's Anna's own language.

Below is a list of the rest of the words in the Unabridged Anna Dictionary. The word/sound in parenthesis is how she actually says it.

Dad (Da)
Mom (Mom, Ma)
Sammy (Sa)
Papa (Pah Pah)
Meme (Me)
Ice (I)
Please (Plea)
More (Mo)
Up (Uh)
Down (Dow)
Out (Ow)
Light (Yight)
Milk (Mil...easily confused with Mom or More)
Water (Wah wah)
Cheese (Cheeeeee)
Grape (Gape)
Gone (Go)
Pretzel (Pret)
Splash (Spash)
No (usually said repeatedly...No no no no)
Rock Rock (Gawk gawk)
JuJu (Angie's niece Julia...AKA JuJu)
Ryan (Rya...Angie's nephew)
Doo (short for Andrew)
Scott (Cot)

That's a pretty extensive vocabulary (I think) for such a young kid. All day she's constantly talking to herself and she can often be seen picking up a book, magazine or piece of paper and "reading" it aloud.

On a side note, I had to include that "Little Miss Chatterbox" graphic at the top just for Tiffany. I remember when we were growing up that she had that book.

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  1. wait until she starts saying "Dad, STOP TALKING!" when you disagree with her or "Dad, that's not MY PLAN!" when things don't go her way or "Dad, are you pooping?" when she catches you on the potty or "Dad, you don't know ANYTHING!" pretty much the rest of the time. Feelin' the love. Good times.

    - Steve