Monday, December 15, 2008


By Tiffany George
Andrew (2 1/2 years) and Natalie (8 months). Notice Andrew's hand around his sister. Too cute!

Moving in December?!? Yes, that's right, Pete and I made the plunge to move to Northwood just over a week ago. We did a lot of research into school systems, and a lot of soul searching to decide what we felt was best for our family, and Northwood came out on top. We decided that we only wanted to move once, and we like the school system the best here, so here we are in Northwood, NH. We were not intending to move at this time of year, but this house just came along and took us by storm! Our house is just what we were looking for and the kiddos seem to be adjusting just fine too. We are probably most excited about things like a big silverware drawer, a dishwasher that works well, having a basement, a garage...and did I mention a basement and garage?! Not having to scrape ice off from the van in the freezing cold the other made me incredibly grateful already!

One very cool thing about our house is that through our backwoods there is a farm with horses. Andrew thinks this is unbelievable, and riding his horse Butterscotch has really taken on a new meaning!

Andrew was fine with leaving Dodge Street. I spent a lot of time prepping him for the move and it seemed to go as well as we could have hoped. That first day he kept saying "no go home, no go home" as nightfall approached, and he was saying it in a hopeful way, like please let us stay here. It was priceless. Since then he has asked to go back to Dodge several times, mainly if we are in the car and we are headed home, but he seems to be okay with living at the new house now.

Here he is carrying our flag as we left Dodge Street. You can see him waving good bye with his cute little hand.

Not surprisingly, Natalie was her little cute happy self about the move, as usual.

He seemed a bit perplexed by the new house at first, but both he and Natalie certainly like their new playroom. Katie and I worked very hard to get the playroom together on Thursday before the kids got to see it on Friday, so I'm glad that they love it so much.

This pretty much sums up the kids' reaction to new playroom that first day:

I don't have a picture of it yet, but you can see these little square mirrors on the wall behind Natalie. She loves to smile and giggle at the cute baby in the mirror. Sometimes she seems to be looking behind the wall to see where that baby is. She is so adorable.

Aside from 2 1/2 days of having no power, life is pretty much carrying on as usual here in Northwood. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Pete, Gail, and Katie, we were able to get most of our stuff unpacked over the first few days. Most everything is put away where it belongs aside from the office, craft room, and a few boxes in our bedroom. We have realized that hiring a moving company was probably some of the best money we could have ever spent! I'm sure our relatives agree :o)

Though we didn't need help in moving all of our boxes and furniture, it still took A LOT of help to get our house to its current state! From babysitting and box moving to our own meals on wheels, our families really came through in the clutch! Also, thanks to our good friend Todd who helped Pete haul a ton of boxes the day before the moving company came!

To keep some normalcy to our lives, we of course had to get our Christmas tree. Despite the rain, Andrew picked out a perfect tree, and he had an absolute blast decorating it, as the photos show. Natalie wants to attack the tree, but she is learning.Do you like this ornament Mommy? How about I put it right here? (D here, as he likes to say for some weird reason)

Wow! I did it!In our attempts to keep Natalie away from the Christmas tree, she loves to play with the play table. Since crawling is now old-hat for her, she is now mastering pulling up to standing!Here are a few other Christmas shots that I took in an attempt to get the perfect shot. I feel that they are all just perfect, so I am sharing lots. Enjoy!Gotta run! Please let us know if you want to come check out our new pad. Andrew loves to show it off!


  1. Emma and I can't wait to visit. She's already been asking!
    Glad the kiddos have settled in easily.

  2. thanks for all the photos of the new house and of course the kiddo's! Can't wait to come over and play!! Glad to hear you're getting settled. :)

  3. Having seen your beautiful home and all the hard work that you have put into making it perfect for the kiddos (especially the play room!)I know you will be happy there for a very long time!!
    I absolutely LOVE the candid out takes of the kiddos!! Too cute!!

  4. First of all thanks for giving everyone thanks and credit for helping you get into your beautiful new home but the main credit goes to you and Pete. I have never seen anyone so organized & motivated and thankful in my whole life. You both amaze me. You found the perfect home for you and it wasn't without alot of hardwork and dedication to give your family the best possible home:)
    It was a pleaure watching you and Pete "in action" seeing the home of your dreams come to realization. We are so very proud of you in so many ways. The things I was the most impressed with was, setting up the awesome playroom first, so that Andrew and Natalie would have a special room to play in while the "move in" took place,
    the awesome smelling candle that made the already very warm and comfortable home even more cozy:)
    the closet system in the master bedroom that Pete work so hard to accomplish, that amid all the moving in hooplah that Tiffany made Natalie homemade baby food with a smile on her face, all the storage you have, did I mention all the storage you have..., the way Andrew and Natalie adjusted so wonderfully to their new home, the way that Pete & Gail helped out, I think Big Pete knows you have enough pellets for awhile... I could go on and on but I couldn't be any happier for you and your adorable children and the wonderful home and life you have provided for them.
    KJ and Angie have their absolutely wonderful home and so do you and Pete and I am truly blessed that my children have done so well in SOOOO many ways.
    Love, Mom