Sunday, October 4, 2009

Something fishy

By K.J. Cardinal

There was definitely something fishy about Anna's second birthday party today. I'm not referring to the Finding Nemo theme, highlighted by the AMAZING Nemo cake made by Aunt Kate, but rather Anna's behavior.

On the eve of her second birthday, Anna was an absolute angel all day long. This absolutely seems fishy to me.

Should we call it the calm before the storm? Her "terrible twos" officially begin tomorrow at 5:47 p.m., so is this just one last day to be blessed by such a well-behaved little girl? I'm not trying to jinx her good behavior, but I'm just being realistic.

Anyway, as you can see, we celebrated Anna's second birthday today.

Sammy gave the house an underwater theme with balloon bubbles, streamer jelly fish and real beta fish for each kid to take home. Then, Aunt Kate arrived to put the finishing touch on the theme... an unbelievably real-looking Nemo cake.

I don't know how the heck she does it, but Aunt Kate definitely has a ridiculous talent with these cakes. What made Nemo look so true to his character were his eyes... definitely a spitting image from the movie. Thanks so much Aunt Kate, I know it was tons of work.

After cake, Anna opened up her presents and boy oh boy was she spoiled. Every gift she received was very thoughtful and in the five hours since opening all gifts, Anna has spent some solid time playing with each and every thing. Thank you all for the wonderful gifts... I particularly loved the crayons sent by Aunt Carol and Uncle Bill... such a perfect blog-themed gift!

The best part of the day for me was just being able to hang out with our families. It was so great to see everyone and being able to have Anna, Andrew, Natalie, Ryan and Julia interact was pretty cool. They were all so well-behaved all day... not just Anna.

I'm pretty sure that everyone in attendance was in their glory watching the kiddos play. This picture can serve as Exhibit A... everyone's watching the kids go after the pinata candy. Good times.

Thanks again and I'll have more tomorrow on my little girl that's (gulp) turning two.


  1. A Blast was had by all. It was such a wonderful party. The decorations and cake were outstanding! It is ALWAYS a great time when we get together. Thanks for a super time.
    Happy 2nd Birthday Anna. We love you very much, Love Meme & Papa

  2. Norm and I had so much fun yesterday! Nothing like spending a Sunday afternoon with everyone you love!!! The kids were adorable and so well behaved...I think we should have a few birthdays every year just so we can see each other more often :) LOVE YOU!
    -Aunt Kate