Monday, January 31, 2011

Love ya (cluck)

By K.J. Cardinal


Isn't she just too much?

Angie and I can't even remember how this began, but for some reason, Anna and I have been saying goodbye to each other for months now by saying "Lova ya" and then "clucking" at the end.

It's turned into my "1, 2, 3.... 4". Only my immediately family probably understands what I mean by that, but it's just a special thing that somehow Anna and I started that has now evolved into me, Angie, Sammy, Anna and Leo saying it to each other on a daily basis.

Hey Anna... love ya (cluck)!


The champ's here...

Leo rocking the greatest gift ever... his C's bathrobe with embroidered name. Thanks Ben & Lynsey!