Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Leo's first Easter

By K.J. Cardinal

Sunday marked Leo's first Easter and our annual trip to Ludlow was in order.

Anna was particularly psyched in the morning, not only because the Easter Bunny hid Squinkies throughout her room, but because she got to see her cousins and go on VĂ³ Nezzie's "jump-a-room" (AKA: trampoline).

Nezzy made a feast that got approval by all, especially Leo as he had ham for the first time and sweet potatoes.

By mid afternoon the house was an absolute zoo with kids galore running around all hopped up on sugar and we had a blast.

Here were a couple priceless pics I snapped, but you can check out more photos on facebook.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Anna learns to ride

By K.J. Cardinal

Spring has arrived and with it comes a slew of kids in our neighborhood that are forever riding bikes around the block... the biggest difference this year is that Anna is quickly becoming one of those kids.

Angie knocked the dust off Anna's hand-me-down bike (from a neighbor), slapped the Dora helmet on her and away she went. Anna showed no fear, which was awesome.

Anna still doesn't quite grasp the concept of stopping or turning (much like me when I first learned to ski), but that doesn't stop her from going like a bat out of hell down the sidewalk, giggling the whole way.