Friday, February 15, 2008

Hooray sleep!

By K.J. Cardinal

Last night marked a significant milestone more so for Angie and I then it was for Anna, but a milestone in Anna's life nonetheless. She slept through the entire her own crib!

Anna has been sleeping in our bed pretty much every night since she was born and sleeping well at that. But, last night Angie decided it would be a good idea to see how Anna would fair in her own bed for a change.

So, we gave her a tubby (pictured above), relaxed on the couch with her for a while and then put her to bed. She slept for about seven hours in her crib. She woke up a time or two, but put herself back to sleep and never once cried.

Initially I didn't want to put her to sleep in her own crib (just yet), but a night of peaceful sleep was great...and once again Mom proved to know best :)

Anna has been sleeping regularly through the night (with an occasional feeding around 3 a.m.), but she kicks, flails and squirms all over the bed, which is enough to wake me up every hour. So, while I like having Anna in bed with us, getting a good night's sleep was much appreciated.

My apologies for a lack of postings the last week or so. Tomorrow marks the fourth PackCast in eight days, so Pack Network has been hectic. On Saturday we were at Hartford, then we were at Vermont on Sunday and Wednesday and we leave for Binghamton tonight. Hopefully next week I will be able to get back into a good bloggin' rhythm.


  1. Hi KJ & Angie,

    This is an absolute joy to read & to see Anna's pictures! Anna is an absolute doll ! I want to hold her like..NOW! Sounds like she is doing so well & that she is blessed to have such loving parents & family! You guys are GREAT! We look forward to meeting Anna & to see you all again. What a great sister Sam is too! Give the girls a huge hug for us! God bless! Love ya guys!

  2. Thanks for checking out the blog, Susie. I can't wait for Anna you meet you, Sabrina, & Jorge. If you want to put a blog together about Sabrina and the new baby, it's super easy to do. I can show you next time we get together. See you soon!