Friday, April 4, 2008

Boom Boom Boom, Bang Bang Bang

By K.J. Cardinal

This is so awesome. I finally got a great chance to capture how much fun Anna and Sammy have together.

So many times, Anna and Sammy are having a blast and by the time I bust the camera out, Anna's either moved on to something else or becomes camera shy. I know it probably seems hard to believe since I am constantly taking photos and videos of Anna, but for some reason when Sammy's involved Anna usually tightens up around the camera.

Anyway, my two favorite things about this video are:
1) Anna is sooo much fun, and
2) Sammy is the best big sister ever

1 comment:

  1. This is so wonderful to see how outstanding Sammy is with Anna. It reminds me how lucky I was to have such a wonderful brother and sister that you and Tiffany were to Katie. I truly feel that is the main reason Katie turned into such a great person. You always gave her so much attention and made her so happy ALL the time. Please thank Sammy for me for being so terrific with Anna. This video made me very happy. I am truly blessed with my family:)Love Mom