Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Andrew turns 2

By Tiffany George

The cutest kid in the Universe turned 2 years old today. It's hard for me to think about him being two without getting teary-eyed. It seems like just yesterday he was into eating Little People and afraid of walking on grass. These past two years have been extraordinary for Pete and I, and today was no exception.

While I would have liked to have provided an hour-by-hour, blow-by-blow account of the day much as KJ did with the NCAA tourney, you'll have to settle for the highlights.

As you may know, Andrew absolutely loves stars, an obsession that started one day when Grammy taught him this incredible shape. Since then, he has an eagle-eye for spotting stars, whether it's on the Macy's sign at the mall or on the Tivo Now Playing list. I felt that it was fitting to make today all about our little star, so I made him star-shaped pancakes for breakfast and star-shaped grilled cheese for lunch. I am about to embark on a piece of star-shaped meatloaf for dinner...stay tuned for how that goes! As you can see, the little cutie enjoyed his sandwich!!

Today was all about Andrew, so we spent most of the day hanging out. Daddy gets to work from home today and he put in a bunch of hours yesterday, so he got to spend Andrew's waking hours with us too! Andrew's first present of the day was his bike, which he loves. The cutest story of the day was when I was trying to teach him how to ride the bike. He puts his feet on the pedals just fine, but isn't quite sure how and when to push his feet. I was using my hand to push on his right foot, then his left, saying "push with this foot, now this foot" etc. He surely understood what I was doing, as he bent down to push his feet with his own hand too. It was adorable.

In addition to the bike, we got him a collapsible orange cone. He is obsessed with touching the cones around the construction sites when we go for walks, so this was a big hit. Though the cone came collapsed, he figured out how to expand it all on his own.

He hasn't yet opened all of his presents from us as we figured we'd save some for post-nap fun. He did get to play with his Craftsman toolbench too, which will provide endless hours of entertainment.

The cutie is waking from his nearly 4 hour nap, so I must run.

Meme & Papa we hope that after your VERY long day of work today that this blog brings a smile to your faces! See you tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday Andrew! I can't believe you're already two years old! Aunt Angie and Anna and I can't wait to see you this weekend to celebrate!

  2. Thanks so much for this blog entry. When we came home late last night EXHAUSTED I decided I'd check the blog before I went to bed and sure enough both you and KJ had a new entry for me to enjoy. I cried at both of them. It is so absolutely wonderful that both of you had a special message at the end of the blog for us and I truly got to enjoy both of them.
    I'm sure Andrew had the Best birthday ever seeing he has the Best parents ever!!! I am truly Blessed with the Best family ever:)
    The greatest thing about this whole grandchildren thing is that I now know you both know how Dad & I have felt about you, KJ and Katie. It is what life is all about to me.....Love Mom