Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lakers got Rondo'd

By K.J. Cardinal

Last night Rajon Rondo was on top of his game and a big reason why the C's were able to blow out the Lakers.

As we walked into the new Garden last night, they were handing out these small signs that said "You got Rondo'd". A clever slogan for Reebok.

Then, during the game, they played a few new Reebok commercials with the "You got Rondo'd" theme. There's one featuring Vince Wilfork and one featuring Dee Brown, but the best one stars Jo Jo White. Take a look below at the one of Jo Jo White.

I can't wear Reebok's because they have too much of an arch for my rather flat feet, but I'd consider putting up with the pain because of this campaign. Good idea...especially considering the Lakers got Rondo'd.

1 comment:

  1. I love the commercials, but one thing really bothers me. The apostrophe. "Rondo'd"? No sir. Policemen haven't "Radio'd for help." They've "Radioed for help."

    It needs to be Rondoed.