Thursday, August 14, 2008


By K.J. Cardinal

It was only a matter of time. Everyone that knows me knew that it was only a matter of time until Anna became a tech-savvy nerd.

Well, I think that day is upon us.

I recently got an iPod Touch, so the natural progression was for Anna to get my old video iPod. She hasn't quite grasped how to make her own "On the go" playlist, but I got her a copy of "iPods for Dummies" so she'll conquer that in chapter four.

Anyway, my video iPod naturally had a few episodes of Anna's favorite cartoon "Super Why" on it. So, the other day I pushed play on the video and handed her the iPod.

She gave the screen a big smile and immediately tried to pick up Super Why and the rest of the gang. It was pretty funny.

Anna doesn't seem to mind that it doesn't have volume and if I give it to her she'll sit there for 20 minutes and not make a peep (other than the occasional laugh or scream) enjoying the show.

So, you can blame me if you want for turning her into a nerd at 10 months old, but I blame those bastards at PBS.

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  1. Haha!!!! Love it...Anna is clearly the cutest Cardinal girl in the whole entire world :) She's gutta be a nerd judging by her parents ;)