Saturday, August 23, 2008

A visit from a bug and a "frog"

By K.J. Cardinal

For Anna, Saturday was a day with nature...sort of.

Angie, Anna and I started the afternoon today by grilling out on the back deck. Anna was sitting in her high-chair while we were eating when she got a surprise visitor.

A small house fly flew over to Anna and landed on the tray of her high-chair. As you could probably imagine, Anna was fascinated.

She would so delicately try to pick the fly up, but obviously he would just fly away. Every time he'd fly away, Anna would look at Angie and be like "where'd he go?"

She continued this routine for about 10-15 minutes until we got surprise visitors of our own.

My Uncle Bill called about five minutes prior to see if he and my Aunt Carol could swing by for a visit. Uncle Bill calls my Auntie "Frog"...thus the somewhat misleading (or perhaps clever???) headline.

So, Uncle Bill and Aunt Carol stopped in on their way to visit Uncle Bill's Uncle Bill (boy that looks weird in writing). They could only stay for a little while, but it was so good to see the greatest Aunt and Uncle in the world!

Only some of you that read this blog have had the pleasure of meeting my Aunt Carol (my dad's sister) and Uncle Bill, but I assure you that they are lots of fun and I admire their family values as much as anybody I know. They have always been there for me and it's so great now to see them going out of their way to visit Anna too...she's a lucky girl.

As you can see in the photo above, and not surprising to anyone, Auntie Carol made a quick friend when she started to read Anna a book. Just like Andrew, Anna really loves it now when she's read to.

So, it wasn't really a day with "nature", but a housefly and a French lady (and her husband) really made our day.

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