Thursday, September 18, 2008

100 days 'til Oahu

By K.J. Cardinal

Only 100 days until I head to Oahu for a sweet 10-day, nine-night vacation.

I'm really looking forward to it, but also dreading it a little because I am flying Angie or Anna...YIKES!

You see, my buddy Scott works at Intel and he has his sabbatical coming up (when you work at Intel for seven years, you get an eight-week sabbatical...basically paid leave). So, what he decided to do was rent two places in Oahu from December 27 to January 4 and invite friends to come down.

Understandably, he didn't want kids included on this trip, so he invited Angie and I. Right away, we knew that we both wouldn't be able to go and leave Anna with family for 10 days without BOTH of us, so Angie wanted me to go (thanks hon!).

Anyway, that trip is only 100 days away and it's going to be so much fun. Some of Scott's friends that I don't know all that well are going, but I'm sure it's going to be a blast.

Since I'm somewhat of a resident expert in the blogosphere, Scott asked me to help him set up a blog for the trip. I obviously jumped at the chance and went completely over the top by setting up It's got a sick logo that I designed (posted above) and also a web store where you can purchase your Surf with Murph gear.

I know I'm a total tool, but I couldn't resist. I unveiled the blog to Scott last night and he loved it. We have a lot of big plans for the blog while we're down there (photos, videos AND a LIVE web cam). The live web cam, which is going to depend completely on the internet connectivity when we get down there, could get some people in some serious trouble but is sure to be a lot of fun too.

So, while I'm down there I'll be trying to manage two blogs and also talk to Anna daily via iChat video. It sounds as if I'm going to need another vacation when I get back from that one.

Note: When I booked my flight, Angie made me pinky swear (that's legally binding, right?) that I wouldn't get home sick (read: miss Anna too much) and book an earlier flight home. She knows me all too well. Hopefully I can make it 10 days without my baby?!


  1. I hope you make out better than your father did when he went to Daytona right before you were born leaving Tiffany and I home alone. He had chest pains and anxiety, he was a sad boy!! We are such saps!
    I'm hoping Angie and the girls can spend some time with us when you are gone so we can spoil her and help out with Anna. We will be on break most of the time you're gone. I think that would make you have a better time too. Love you , Love, Mom

  2. you are a total tool. A cool tool, but a tool, nonetheless.