Thursday, September 4, 2008

Anna and Aiden

By K.J. Cardinal

Yesterday Anna had a playdate with her new friend Aiden.

Angie's friend Marisa is visiting from Oregon and we all finally got to meet Aiden and celebrate his first birthday. Anna took very quickly to her new friend...showing that she must have a thing for blonde hair and blue eyes.

Anna played the role of Aiden's shadow all day long, as wherever Aiden went or whatever he did, Anna was soon to follow. Anna tends to get a little too fired up around young kids and babies, so I fully expected her to pull Aiden's hair, poke him in the eye or knock one of his teeth out at some point, but she didn't do that.

She was definitely a little too touchy-feely at times for Aiden's liking, but overall she was less agressive than normal. So, we were happy that Aiden managed to escape unscathed.

And talk about a good kid, Aiden was so great all day. When he first came into the house he was crying a little, but that 30-second span was about the only peep he made all day. Aiden and Anna are clearly cut from the same mold as they both can just sit and play by themselves for long periods of time and are in general very good-natured and low-maintenance kids.

The kids were so well behaved in fact that we had some time to visit with Marisa and the rest of the crew (Scott, Jamie, Mike, Missy, etc.) that was on hand to celebrate Aiden's birthday.

Seeing Anna with Aiden definitely makes me want to get her some more interaction with other kids her age on a regular basis. I'm certainly not the type of guy to set up playdates or go to parenting groups with Anna, so we're exploring other options. Regardless, Anna is slowly learning not to accost children that she comes in contact with, so we're making progress.

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  1. I think how you described Anna is exactly how I would have described you KJ, You always amused yourself so well and for so long and talk about good natured you could have won an award! I'm so glad you got to have a child that was like you were to me :) Love you guys and MISS you all very much, Love Mom