Thursday, September 18, 2008

Don't be a leader, be a follower

By K.J. Cardinal

Blogger has launched this new free feature that I have added to The Cardinal Blog called "Followers".

How it works is you can click on the "Follow this blog" on the right, under the "TCB Followers" heading. You'll have to sign in with your gmail account, or create an account.

Being a "follower" doesn't get you a free gift package or discounts or anything, but it's just really a way to publicly show followers of the blog. If you'd rather not be an anonymous follower, then feel free to keep stalking my family as you currently are. But, if you'd like to let the world know that you're a proud follower of The Cardinal Blog, then sign up.

Think of it as my way of giving back to the readers and getting their faces on my blog. As I write this, there are currently three TCB Followers...myself, Angie and Steve, the genious author of the World Renown blog.

If you go to Steve's blog, you will see that I am also a follower of his blog. Being a follower is also rather handy if you read several blogs on a daily basis because when you log into your blogger account you can see posts from the blogs that you follow on one easy-to-read interface.

You'll probably still want to visit each blog frequently, but if you're in a rush and just want to read the most recent posts, then it's pretty handy.

Anyway, another new feature that you will notice is the changes to the "Fellow Bloggers" section on the right. Not only are there links to the blogs that I "follow", but also the headline of their most recent post...and a note of when the blog was last updated.

Neither of these things are that earth-shattering, but I just thought they added two neat elements for those of you that are avid fans of The Cardinal Blog. Enjoy!

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