Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No Photo Needed

By Tiffany George

Andrew George just may be in the midst of potty training. For the past many months, he has had no interest whatsoever in going pee on the potty. He wasn't even interested in sitting on his potty, for that matter. He had shown some interest last summer, but it seemed as though that opportunity had come and past. With two little cuties to take care of, I'll have to admit that potty training wasn't necessarily high on my to do list. It wasn't that I don't want him to go through pottty training, it's just that I wasn't going to pressure him into it until he was ready.

Well, lo and behold, Sunday night I was talking to my mom on the phone when all of a sudden I see Pete and Andrew make their way to the bathroom to go potty. Much to my shock and surprise, Andrew did go pee on the potty! I hadn't put enough previous thought into what I would do when he actually took the leap to potty train, so I thought quick and rewarded him with a chocolate guitar pick. For those who were able to make it to Andrew's 2nd Birthday party, you saw the little chocolate guitar picks that made. Andrew covets these as much as yogurt raisins. Getting a guitar pick was like winning the lottery.

After the initial success, I called one of my friends whose daughter has been potty training to ask her how she rewarded her child. She said that a nurse at our peds recommended one M&M for trying, 2 for pee, and 3 for the big one! I decided that this would be my strategy. I plan to switch to M&Ms once the guitar picks run out. He's never had an M&M before either, so hopefully the transition will be fine. Otherwise I'll have to open up my own guitar pick making business.

Anyway, Andrew has been consistently going pee on the potty all week whenever we put him there. I know that potty training can be difficult, so I'm not getting my hopes up, but I am so proud of him.

The trouble is, he is just too smart. He has got to be the only person who can poop, jump up and down to get guitar picks, eat the 3 guitar picks, then sit back down on the potty to pee! Earlier I think he ended up with something like 8-10 guitar picks because he first pooped and then would only let his pee out in installments!

We have a lot of jubilation in our house right now, as Andrew is so proud of himself every time he goes on the potty, as he should be. Our excitement has prevented us from thinking to grab the camera to capture his cuteness, plus with potty training, I'd say there's no photo needed.


  1. hee hee my love. it sounds like he is well on his way. i have a few now mortifying photos of myself on the potty. one which is particularly funny has me on the potty with a good book. :)

  2. Your restraint as a mother is far greater than mine as a father. When Cricket and Sam finally mastered the potty, I had their nekkid potty-sitting mugs splashed all over our blog (including them pooping with my CAR and DRIVER magazine).

    Since it'll be great fodder for future embarrassment (weddings, extortion, etc.), I suggest snapping off a few pics for safe keeping ;-)


  3. I am so proud of you Andrew!!I got to see you in person today using your potty and you are so proud of yourself as you should be! The delight on your face is priceless!! Guitar picks Rock!!

  4. oh wow - good news about Andrew! I'm so proud of him for starting to potty train! i wonder if the chocolate guitar pick bribe will work on Chris. not so much for potty training but maybe dishes?? =) Miss you guys! Can't wait to see the family at Val's wedding!!