Monday, November 3, 2008

Anna and Rocky

By K.J. Cardinal

Yesterday we ventured down the Pike to Ludlow for lunch with the Malaquias clan and Anna made a new friend.

Rocky, Tia (Aunt) Lisa's dog, and Anna quickly became best buds. I'm kind of surprised that at some point Rocky didn't nip at Anna or just flat out bite her because Anna was all over Rocky.

She would chase him around the house only to pull his ears or hair when she would catch him. He was super nice though and didn't mind Anna's antics at all.

At one point, Anna was actually crawling around on the kitchen floor and Rocky was chasing HER. It was too cute.

Also today marks Jimmy & Nezzie's (Angie's parents) 35th wedding anniversary and yesterday was Lisa & Ray's sixth anniversary. Happy Anniversary!

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