Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or treat for 2

By Tiffany George

Halloween was a lot of fun for the George kids this year. We started to get in the Halloween spirit on Wednesday night as Andrew and I used this kit to decorate a Halloween haunted house. He covered this thing with orange and black frosting and then placed all of the little pieces of candy into the frosting. It was so cute. While he did end up ingesting a good amount of the frosting, I'm happy to say that he does not yet recognize candy corn or little sugary skulls as something edible, so I was able to limit the sugar intake somewhat :o) As the haunted house was nearing completion, Andrew handed over the frosting bag to me to finish. I thought he was getting tired, but then I realized that he just wanted me to put the frosting on the house so that he could run his precious little fingers through it to lick it off. Daddy was proud.

Looks like Andrew making his "huh" face!
Thursday was trick or treat night in Rochester, and we started that day off with a bang as well. Katie helped me throw a Halloween party for Andrew and his friends. We had a blast and the kids were wonderful. I wasn't sure how responsive a group of two year olds would be to our planned activities, but they were happy to cooperate. We did everything from painting pumpkins to decorating trick or treat buckets. We tried to play a nice game of "eat a donut off a string" but they had absolutely no idea why we would choose to hang their food from strings attached to our broom stick! They enjoyed the other food that we made, some of which included fingers (string cheese with a pepper fingernail), witches brooms (pretzel stick with fringed fruit by the foot), and witches blood (green peppermint milk). Thanks for all of your help Aunt Kate!

After the party ended and naps were taken, we got ready to go trick or treating. Andrew was much more into the candy aspect of the event this year. And though it was probably about 30 degrees out, we trick or treated ourselves all the way down to the end of Dodge Street and back. At each house Andrew said "tick teat", then "thank you", and also "happy hallween". I think he would have honestly gone to every neighborhood in Rochester had we let him!

Natalie was happy just to be outside, even if it was a bit chilly. She was the cutest lady bug we've ever seen!

We had a nice full house as usual for trick or treating this year. Meme, Papa, Grammy, Aunt Kate, and Aunt Suzanne all turned out for some good old fashioned KFC and Halloween cheer! Thanks for coming guys!


  1. This is one of my favorite occasions with my family and this year was the best. Andrew was so adorable and really got the hang of the door to door trick or treat really fast. He was just precious.
    Natalie was such a good girl as it was super cold out but like usual she was an angel:)
    Thanks for such a wonderful night and such great memories.
    Love, Mom

  2. I agree! It was a very fun night. Tiffany and Katie out did themselves for the Halloween party also. The kiddos had a great time and were simply adorable!! Good job!!