Friday, November 28, 2008

The birds

By K.J. Cardinal

Thanksgiving for me this year was all about birds. No, not the obvious turkey or even the Cardinal, but rather the Eagles.

On Thanksgiving eve, my dad took me to the Eagles concert at the DCU Center in Worcester. Prior to going to the show, I was excited to see such a legendary band, but after experiencing that concert I have so much respect for those guys.

They rocked it...big time. All of the band members are 60+ years old and they tore it up like they were in their 20s. It was really impressive and tons of fun.

They played a handful of tracks off their new album, but I was thankful that they played virtually every other Eagles song that I had ever heard (except Already Gone) and some that I had actually forgotten were Eagles/Joe Walsh songs.

Those of you who know me well, know I have a love affair with music. So, it was only fitting for me to see such an unforgettable concert with my dad, since he is the one who passed along this passion I have for music.

He was in his glory and it was really a perfect night on all accounts.

Thanks so much for taking me to the show dad. Definitely a memorable way to celebrate Thanksgiving!

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  1. Good Call...One of the best things Dad has ever done for me was to pass down his love for music. From playing "Puff the Magic Dragon" when we were little to playing at the Chapel for Tiffany and Pete's wedding...there's nothing like seeing the love in Dad's eyes when he's surrounded with music. It's everything we are, everything we hear, and the one thing that will ALWAYS be there - just like family :) Music is the sound of our THANKS Dad, for absolutely revolving my life around music. It's really gotten me through some hard times and has completely bonded us even tighter as the Cardinal Clan :)

    Katie Lou