Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Daycare update

By K.J. Cardinal

Just to follow up on Anna's first experience at day care, when I picked her up yesterday she was very happy to see me, but also seemed like she had a good time.

According to Miss Megan and Miss Lindsay, Anna was a good girl and the only thing that seemed to bother her all day long was the sand box.

Apparently when the kids went outside to play, Anna wanted nothing to do with the sand. I was a little surprised because it just seemed like something she'd like. But then again, she's never been exposed to a sand box, so it's understandable. The closests she's ever come to a sand box is trying to eat the sand in the horseshoe pits outside.

What was funny about the whole day though, was when I brought Anna home she was completely wiped out. She had a cup of milk and took a TWO HOUR NAP! For Anna, this is unheardof.

Plus, when she woke up she was still tired. And then she went to bed early. Unbelievable.

Anyway, I'm glad that things went well and that Anna was rather unfazed by it all, but I am definitely glad to have Anna home with me today too!


  1. That was such a fun trip we all went on! Miss you all :) -Valerie

  2. Maybe Day Care is a good thing - then you guys get a little bit of quiet time when she's home in the afternoon. :)

  3. Did she make a sand-wich in the horseshoe pit?