Monday, March 2, 2009

A piece of cake

By K.J. Cardinal

Well, yesterday I turned the big Two Nine. That's right, 29. The last year of my twenties.

Age really doesn't mean anything to me, but it was good to have a few people over on Saturday night to celebrate the occasion.

Other than hanging out with my friends, the highlight of the night was the birthday cake that Katie made for me. It was a replica of Fenway Park and it was awesome.

The Citgo Sign, Green Monster and Coke was so cool. I know it took a long time to make, Kater, so thanks so much!

Things have obviously been busy as I haven't had a chance to update the blog too much lately, but let me get caught up on last week.

My parents had school vacation, so they came down on Wednesday to get their fix of Anna. We had a good day just hanging out at home on Wednesday with them and then at the crack of dawn Thursday they were off to Foxwoods.

I had worked ahead so I was able to join them at the casino on Thursday afternoon. We were having such a great time and not losing too much money, so I spent the night and got up first thing on Friday morning to head home.

The weather was gorgeous on Friday and I was able to get Anna outside to go for a walk and to play in the yard. I can't tell you how much I can't wait for good weather to come so we can get outside and do stuff everyday. This snow storm today stinks because it delays that for another week... at least.

Anna was so content hanging out in the backyard and watching the "truck" clear out the yard of the house behind ours. She couldn't believe it when the guy in the "truck" waved to her... she thought it was so great... but I think he loved her reaction even more.

Anyway, that's the week that was. Two more weeks of a busy work schedule and then hopefully I'll get back into the blog routine...


  1. happy belated birthday young buck

  2. Great cake, Nutrition major!

  3. holy crap, thats an AMAZInG cake! Great job Katie!!!! Do you do weddings??

  4. I was actually thinking about taking a wedding cake decorating class this summer! Anything's possible :) I LOVE doing them soooo much!!!

    Katie Lou

  5. I can only imagine how happy Anna must be to have that tractor in your backyard. Andrew would be in heaven! Hopefully it takes a while to clear that lot :o) OH, and Anna is SOOOO adorable in that pic on the Wii of my favorite pictures of her to date. Let me know when you have time so we can meet up for dinner/lunch/anything!
    Love, Aunt Tiffany