Friday, March 27, 2009

Wood Park

By K.J. Cardinal

Today Anna and I ventured downtown to a new park that I have never taken her to before.

It's called Wood Park and it's located right on the Assabet River. It's pretty nice and will be a great spot for us this spring/summer. It's a little further away than the elementary school right down the street, but I actually like it a lot more.

After last night's rain the ground was a little muddy, which made Anna want to stop at every puddle and "splash splash" in it, but the playground had dry footing so it was game on for Anna.

Her natural go-to is the swings, but Anna is quick to migrate toward the slide and anything else that looks compelling on the playground.

She's a big fan of the wobbly foot-bridges that most playgrounds have these days. The one down the street from our house is more like a wobbly plank than a bridge, so she's a little scared by it. But, the one at this new park is a three-foot wide bridge, so once she gets over her initial fear of stepping on it, she motors right across it.

The setting of the playground is rather picturesque since it's located right on the river. There is a real foot bridge that goes over the river to a walking path on the other side. When the ground is dry and the foliage starts to come in, I'll be sure to get some good photo ops of Anna.

One of my favorite things about Hudson and this area of Massachusetts in general is all the parks, playgrounds, bike paths, etc. They are everywhere.

Just in town alone we have at least five public parks and/or playgrounds and a monster bike path that goes along the old Acton railroad tracks... it's now nicely paved and lined and everything.

Anyway, as you can tell by the revival of the blog over the past few days, I'm pretty psyched that spring is actually here and that I can get Anna out of the house. I'm also fired up that it's the weekend so we can enjoy the nice weather with Angie too.

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